Monday, July 27, 2020

overlaying in Connectome Workbench 1.4.2

This post answers a question posted on my Workbench introductory tutorial: Rui asked how to visualize the common regions for two overlays. I've found two ways of viewing overlap.

The first is to reduce the Opacity (circled in red) of the top-most Layer. In this screen capture I have a blueish ROI on top of a yellow one. (I scribbled the colors over their corresponding rows in the Layers toolbox; blue is listed above - over - the yellow. Click the Layers On and off if you're not sure which is which.) Compare the appearance of the ROIs when the Opacity is set to 1.0 for both (left) versus 0.7 for the top (blue, right): the borders of both ROIs are visible on the right side, and the blue is less opaque all over (not just in the area that overlaps).

The second method is to set one (or both) ROIs to Outline (border) mode. Here, I set the top (blue) ROI to "Outline Only" in the Overlay and Map Settings dialog box (click the little wrench button to bring up the dialog).