Wednesday, May 13, 2020

"Pattern similarity analyses of frontoparietal task coding" update

A recently-published paper of ours (preprint; "Pattern Similarity Analyses of FrontoParietal Task Coding: Individual Variation and Genetic Influences") uses correlational MVPA/RSA-type methods to look at heritability effects in HCP task fMRI data. A primary motivation was methods development for the DMCC, which we're analyzing for patterns in individuals and twin pairs across time.

Since publishing, the HCP has updated their list of subjects with major issues, including some in our analyses. I wondered if these problematic subjects could have affected the results, so reran the analyses without them (advertisement: this sort of update is drastically easier if you use knitr or another report-generating system for your results). I'm pleased to say that the omitting these flagged subjects had a negligible impact on the results - it turns out that I'd already excluded most of them from the key analyses because of missing behavioral data.

Both the published and updated versions of the supplemental are on the osf site for the paper. Versions of my favorite figure before and after omitting the flagged participants are after the jump.