Tuesday, May 24, 2016

resampling images with afni 3dresample

This is the third post showing how to resample an image: I first covered SPM, then wb_command. afni's 3dresample command is the shortest version yet. I highly suggest you verify that the resampling worked regardless of the method you choose; the best way I know of is simply visually checking landmarks, as described at the end of the SPM post.

The setup is the same as the previous examples:
  • inImage.nii.gz is the image you want to resample (for example, the 1x1x1 mm anatomical image)
  • matchImage.nii.gz is the image with the dimensions you want the output image to have - what inImage should be transformed to match (for example, the 3x3x3 mm functional image)
  • outImage.nii.gz is the new image that will be written: inImage resampled to match matchImage.

The command just lists those three files, with the proper flags:
 3dresample -master matchImage.nii.gz -prefix outImage.nii.gz -inset inImage.nii.gz  

Not being especially linux-savvy (afni does not play nice with Windows, so I run it in NeuroDebian), I sometimes get stuck with path issues when running afni commands. When in doubt, navigate to the directory in which the afni command programs (3dresample, in this case) are located, and execute the commands from that directory, typing./ at the start of the command. You can specify the full paths to images if needed; the example command above assumes 3dresample is on the path and the images are in the directory from which the command is typed. If you're using NeuroDebian, you can add afni to the session's path by typing . /etc/afni/afni.sh at the command prompt before trying any afni commands.

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