Tuesday, June 11, 2013

indexing woes: spm and afni

For "fun" I decided to add spm and afni to my set of voxel indexes started with MRIcroN, R, and pyMVPA.

SPM8 follows the 1-based style of MRIcroN and R:

while afni follows the 0-based style of pyMVPA:

So, it's probably not fair to think of either the one or zero-based styles as "correct", but this needs to be kept in mind when referring to voxel by i,j,k coordinates programmatically.

I don't use fsl or brain voyager; send me how these (or other) programs show the voxel coordinates and I'll add them to the collection.

Update 9 August 2013: fsl and caret are both 0-based

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