Monday, May 6, 2013

supplemental information for "Searchlight analysis: Promise, pitfalls, and potential"

My commentary on searchlight analysis, "Searchlight analysis: Promise, pitfalls, and potential" is now up at NeuroImage . All of the supplemental information is there as well, but renamed ... which is rather annoying, since I refer to the R scripts by file name. I'd asked them to fix it (and make the .R files downloadable as text instead of zipped), but evidently they couldn't.

So, here is a mapping of the names, and a link to download all the files (named correctly) at once, saving some headaches. (FYI: .R files are plain text (.txt), suffixed .R to indicate that they contain R code.)
  • "Supplementary material 1" is the supplementary text, downloaded as "mmc1.pdf".
  • "Supplementary material 2", which downloads as "mmc2.txt", should be dataset.txt, the input data for the example dataset used in many of the examples in the supplementary material.
  • "Supplementary material 3", downloads as, containing the single file "NIM10275-mmc3.R", which is example1.R
  • "Supplementary material 4",, is dataset_exploration.R
  • "Supplementary material 5", is example3.R
  • "Supplementary material 6", is rareInformative.R
  • "Supplementary material 7", is searchlight_group.R
  • "Supplementary material 8", is searchlight.R
  • "Supplementary material 9", is sharedFunctions.R
I will post about some of the examples and suggestions in the paper; I added the new label SA:PPP to make it easier to find all the relevant posts. Feel free to submit questions or comments as well; anonymously or not as you prefer.


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  2. Hi, Im a (Machine Learning + fMRI data) student and an R lover too. Congrats for your blog and papers! Really good explanations. Im reading this paper and looking for the supplementary material, but the link to dropbox is down. Could u please enable it again? Big thanks!

    1. It should work now; let me know if the link still fails. Glad you find it useful!

  3. Done, thank you very much. I will take a look and try to provide feedback.